Frequently Asked Questions

Browser Extension

Frequently asked questions about our Wax Loop browser extensions.

What is the Wax Loop browser extension? View our Browser Extension for complete details on the Wax Loop extension and the features it offers.
What browsers are supported? We currently plan to have the Wax Loop extension available in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Links will be available in our Browser Extension page as extensions are added to their respective store.
Do you plan on supporting any other browsers? Not at this time. Wax Loop is a side project for us to improve our workflow, so we are only focusing on the browser support that we need. We are sharing it in the hopes to also help other people, as well as maybe make a little extra money to help support funding our projects.


Frequently asked questions about

Is a search engine? No, we're more of a shared bookmarking club. Our focus is more on sharing popular websites, not specific pages or content within them.
How does make money? We partner with advertising partners to display offers (ads) on and very select offers in the Wax Loop extension itself. Generally we make a commission or referral fee for people who click an offer and sign-up for a service or make a purchase.
Do you sell or share my information? Absolutely not. As a company, Stoic Dreams does not believe in selling or sharing any information from our users with any other people or companies. In fact, we don't even like storing any information unless it's absolutely necessary for some feature used by our quests.
What information of mine is tracked? incorporates internal tracking features as well as Google tracking software on it's pages to track various website analytics. We do this so we can see what pages our guests are viewing and how much time, on average, they're spending on each page. We may also employ advertisor tracking for certain ads, when required by advertisers.