Browser Extension

The Wax Loop browser extension is a tool to expand the functionality of browser bookmarks. More specifically, your bookmark toolbar.

There are 3 main features of this extension.

Grouped Bookmarking

This was the primary functionality desired that started Wax Loop. We don't like having a cluttered toolbar, but we want our bookmarks to be accessible.

So we came up with the idea of grouping bookmarks into groups. Then, only display bookmarks in the toolbar for the specific group you want active.

You can create a Work group, to display bookmarks you need for work while you're working. Then, create a Bill group, for your bookmarks you need when it's time to pay bill online. Create an Entertainment group, and a Social group, and any other group you can think of. The possabilities are practically endless.

Cross Browser Bookmark Sharing

The other thing we hated was keeping bookmarks between browsers in sync. We currently use the 3 major browsers, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. We don't stick to one because no single browser is best for all websites.

Edge tends to be best for our daily driver. It tends to have the best performance for most sites.

Firefox has the best video support, so we use it for media content, such as YouTube.

Chrome has the best dev tools, and last we checked, is the most commonly used browser, so it's our primary browser for web development. As well as our fallback when a website isn't working correctly in Edge.

The big problem with this setup though is browsers don't tend to share their bookmarks very well. You can manually sync them, but in our experience that can easily result in failures and duplicates. Easily creating a huge mess. Especially if you're doing it often.

We wanted a way to keep our bookmarks synced between all of our browsers. So when we add a bookmark in Chrome, it's automatically added in Edge and Firefox. When we move a folder in Firefox, it's also moved in Chrome and Edge. When we rename a bookmark in Edge, it's also renamed in Chrome and Firefox. Automatically, and without any effort or extra time on our part.

So we built this in to Wax Loop.

This is the one feature that requires you to sign up for a Stoic Dreams account. This way we can correctly link and sync your bookmarks between browser. If you don't use more than one browser and don't need this feature, then you can just use the extension without signing up for an account with Stoic Dreams.

Website Sharing

As a bonus feature, we also wanted Wax Loop to be a tool for sharing websites with each other. And incorporate search and browsing features into that allowed Wax Loop users to find popular websites, ranked by the number of people who have bookmarked the site.

So, we built a feature in to the extension to track and record when a website is bookmarked. But don't worry, we only store the site domain, and tag it with a unique key created by hashing your email to track unique counts. No website pages or other URL information is ever stored for this feature.